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"The very existence of our organization is an affirmation that a new generation of leaders is ready and able to guide Liberia in a new and better direction."

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About Us:
Project for the New Liberia is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democracy, good governance, and human development by advocating and proposing policy reforms and mobilizing citizens for actions. We strive to shape our country’s future by exposing failed public policies and governance structures undermining political stability and economic development....

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Mission Statement

PNL works to ensure access to freedom, justice, equality and opportunity for every Liberian through programs, partnerships, advocacies and propositions of public policies that promote democracy, good governance, and human development.

Invite a Speaker:
PNL speakers are professionals in their fields and their active participation on the national stage place them in unique positions to adequately address issues about Liberia. Our speakers have addressed many international forums and are informed to provide insightful information and motivation. We are always open to opportunities to tell the story of Liberia. If you would like to invite a PNL speaker at your event, Please email